Hello, I'm Tatiana!

I am a passionate UX/UI Designer with a background in Web Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing. Looking for next role within an web/app or product design space to apply my Design/UX/UI skills and enhance user experiences within mobile, tablet and web-based devices.

Crypto NFT Mobile App

UI Design for a NFT mobile application created with Figma. Crypto is a platform for people who want to explore more about the world of NFTs and want to trade, buy or sell their art work, using the crypto currency “Ethereum”. The platform also encourages people that have very little experience in the NFT universe, to navigate throughout the app and get to know better this world of opportunities.

Dog In love - Helping your dog finds a mate​

How I applied the UX to help owners finding a mate to breed or a walking buddy for their dog safely.

Terappie - Easing the patient’s access to remote therapy ( CASE Study)

How we applied the UX design to help psychologists and patients break geographical barriers with the support of the technology.

Gear Game - Mobile UI Design

UI Design Mobile App created with Figma.

Crypto NFT - Web Desktop and Mobile version

UI Design for a NFT Web desktop and mobile version created with Figma.